Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here is Bmos, one of the Ensemble of performers in Moving Target - a wonderful, loud, physical collaberation with Malthouse Theatre that's just finished in the Studio. It wasn't a difficult show for me - I had an hour between Cue 1 and cue 2, - but the 6 actors were really worked hard. Lots of running and lifting and bashing against walls.

"The children's game of hide and seek has rarely been so physical, rough, exhausting and repetitive. The improvisational skills and breakneck intensity of Moving Target make for a wildly unpredictable, strangely unsettling experience." Bryce Hallett, SMH

The plywood box set was designed to take the punishment and accentuate the sound and movement but it had a few worried managers fussing around it, concerned about Risk Management. That's ironic because part of the underlying themes, which were many and complex, was the modern obsession with risk and potential threats and "Being Alert".

Bmos is the sibling of Amos who unfortunately didn't last the season - he was regularly thrown across the stage and had pillows stuffed over him.
I loved the action of this play - the lights and sound matched the physical intensity and the first half, though seemingly unintelligible, had me laughing every time.

In this production I saw some great lighting with LED washes (intense, quick colour) and discovered M83 Car Terror. Played LOUD it makes the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, playing a nice bit of Strauss in the Concert Hall, ring up and complain.
Noisy bloody neighbours!