Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Birds are Back in Town.

I know Cockatoos are engaging creatures - they can charm the birdseed right out of your hand - but like a bunch of unruly teenagers once you invite them into your home they put their feet up on the furniture and start trashing the place. We were warned several times of their bad habits but had to learn the hard way. We were a bit late in putting out the food so they gave the newly built hand rail a good chew - just to teach us a lesson.

Consequently they have been banished back to the bird feeder and if more than 4 congregate they get sent off. This gives the King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas a chance and they've been showing their appreciation by paying us a closer visit.

It could be they are also admiring all the wonderful work on the new verandah. This handsome King Parrot checked out the post, the steps and the cane chair one afternoon and invied a mate along for a stickybeak as well.

There has been much wonderful work been done on The Back Steps as shown by the before and after shots - in best Backyard Blitz style.
The strange outward opening door from the kitchen has finally been blocked off (much better for the Feng Shui apparently) and the steps have been moved to the verandah. A spot of paint here and there and the transformation is complete - provided the Cockies don't come calling.


Anne said...

Aren't those White Cockies naughty!

I love King Parrots. They are quite gentle unlike the Rainbow Lorikeets which I find can be a bit vicious. Have you had Black Cockatoos or Gangs Gangs come into your yard?

Thanks for the link to the Dalek pattern. It will go well with my partner's Dalek PJs (hahahahaha).

M-H said...

Love your new verandah. It's amazing how a small thing like blocking off s stupid door can make such a difference.

Lynne said...

And Mr BlueMountainsKnits has done such a fine job that one cannot tell there used to be a door there!

The renovations are looking fabulous and the parrots [in all forms] are such a bonus!

wovensunshine said...

Wow, love the bird pictures! haven't checked in for a while--- looks like lots of things happening down there. The step project looks comforting familar with something I had to do here last summer. Love the felted bag too!