Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Federation Square
I like Melbourne - a lot.
It's like a rich chocolate cake compared to a Sydney Sorbet. The past 5 days have been spent exploring the laneways and tramways of the Melbourne CBD. We visited Salvador Dali, Pompei, the wonderful Melboune Museum, penguins at the Aquarium, the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show, the Yarra river, the Docklands and Pelligrinis - several times, the State Library and lots of restaurants and eateries.
As soon as we went it seemed to be over - it was only a 56 minutes flight from Mascot to Tullamarine but it was enough to give the lad an experience of flying in a jetplane - a compact little 737, and for us to experience living with Room Service for a week.

I came back with lots of photos, very sore feet from all the walking, several skeins of wonderful yarn and a desire to go back - maybe next year.


Grandma Flea said...

Mmmm - I'm so envious - Melbourne is my favourite city - and I rarely get there, despite having a daughter who lives there. I love the arcades/lanes/little streets - the street sculptures, the trams (my favourite mode of transport) - the vast range of shops and galleries - I feel a visit coming on.

Lynne said...

Hmm! Jealous. I've never spent much time in Melbourne. One weekend as a tourist-led-by-the-locals aeons ago!

I did get to the AS&WS last year but did all my shopping at the Mill shops in Bendigo and Wangaratta.