Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Social Events

The past few weeks have (once again) been busy but this time it hasn't all been work. It is the time of year for social occasions but most of mine have centred around family and the odd bit of knitting.

Just looking through Picasa (the only way I seem to keep track of what I've been doing) I've found our day at the Zig Zag Railway;
We travelled on the last trip of the day and they let us ride in the cabin while they shunted - Big thrills for the whole family. Because it's only 30 minutes away I've joined up with them - the whole organisation is run by Volunteers and they do a damn fine job - as well as being a lot of fun.

Then there was the Star Wars exhibition at The Powerhouse; we arrived very early and left before the crowds became too much.

It was a great display of Props and Costumes and it showed the amount of detail required before the days of CGI and Green Screens.I loved the costumes while The Lad was more into the robots and the villains.

On the same day we caught the last performance of The Umbilical Bros. These two guys are the most talented and funny performers I have seen for a long time. Despite rushing to catch a taxi to the airport after their last show they still managed to find time to sign an autograph for a 10 yr old fan and his pushy mother. (Dave was still in the shower but signed it as he packed up the props)

Is it any wonder I yearn for the green tranquillity of the back verandah after a few weeks of this?


mehitabel said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Powerhouse! We got to visit it in '88 and I thought it was a wonderful way to re-purpose a great old building. Now they've done something similar in London, putting the Tate Modern into an old powerhouse.

Anne said...

"Merry Christmas"

Hopfully I'll be back at the Knitting Guild next year. :)