Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Visitor

This chap is a regular visitor to our balcony. Of the many King parrots who use the bird feeder, he is the only one brave, or foolhardy, enough to venture near the house. Just how near I discovered a few days ago when I left a container of seed inside on the coffee table.

His unique wing markings readily identify him so I know he's gradually getting more and more bold in his adventures.

The next day he attracted a female to join him but he wasn't too keen to share the spoils.

Although it is nice to have such a close association with the local wildlife I won't be promoting this behaviour because it's probably not good for the parrots to get too complacent with Humans. My experiences with local possums and the Big, Bold, Boofy, Cockatoos also show how much damage some of these lovely creatures can create.

On a completely different topic I do hope to post some pictures of my latest knitting project. The Bamboo yarn I bought with the help of my Guild Raffle prize voucher is 3/4 finished. It has produced a lovely silken drapey garment which attracted a lot of attention at yesterday's Branch meeting.

Once I have cleaned off the bird seed, bird poo and silkworms from the table I'll take some photos to post.


Lynne said...

Lovely photos - lovely birds.

Thanks for posting on the Guild blog - I got quite a shock to see someone had posted! Did you attend the AGM? Could you post about it please? I wasn't well enough to attend.

Jean said...

I especially enjoyed the photos of the parrot. He is such a bold creature to wander into your home to look for seed! Beautiful colors on him, I once owned a Meyer's parrot who live with me for 22 years, I first saw her when she was three days old and I knew she was the one. Now with three Standard Poodles, my bird days are gone, but I do enjoy seeing them whenever I can, and your blog just help me to do that. Thanks

Lara said...

Beautiful! I love King Parrots, they are just a tad more refined than the big boofy Sulphurs :)