Friday, May 02, 2008


Ironfest is always fun. We went late this year - just managed to squeeze in on the last few hours of the three days it ran. Despite this it was well worth it.

The Battle of Lithgow started just as we arrived so we braved the gale force gusts of wind to see the British and the French forces fight it out with cannons and muskets. I think the French force was vastly outnumbered but they fought bravely - right to the last soldier. There was an courageous (one might say foolhardy?) challenge by a French/Maori contingent in the form of a Haka. It was swiftly dealt with by the English but much appreciated by the audience.

Inside, out of the squalls, there was belly dancing, market stalls and art displays. The lad bought an Anvilchick while I made do with a skein of Alpaca from a farm in Little Hartley and a Dichroic Glass pendant from a Glass Artist in Wentworth Falls.

Sadly the weather stopped the Jousting as the horses were spooked by all the wind gusts but I was assured that next year an international contingent of Jousters would feature with combatants from all over the globe.

Driving home we travelled behind the storms as they progressed eastward to the coast. It made a spectacular sight with the clouds banked up above Victoria Pass and the rain falling in huge sheets.
The next day it was cold enough for snow to fall in Blackheath and Bathurst - and for me to realise that quite a jumpers had to be pulled out of the WIP pile in time for winter.

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Lynne said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Time to get those needles clicking! It's cold enough down here on the lowlands!!